Privacy Policy


(Registered under Bikaner Societies Act-1-1930, No. 702/681 Dated 11.05.1949)



Object is to provided the members physical, literary and recreational facilities. Consistent within the resources of the club.


The club will be open to the members from:

  1. Summer-From :              00 A.M. to 9:00 AM and

4:00 P.M. to 11:00 PM

  1. Winter-From :              00 AM to 9:00 A.M. and

3:30 PM. To 10:30 PM

  • The Swimming Pool will be available for use from 1” April to 30th

The Honorary Secretary will arrange for suitable timings for families and children of Members and exhibit the same on notice board.


Persons who have completed 21 years of age are eligible to become members of the club provided they are accepted as members by the Executive Committee as per laid down Rules of the club. Those desirous of joining the club shall fill in the prescribed from and get duly proposed and seconded by permanent members to the Honey.  Secretary.

(III)      The club shall have the members of the following categories:

  1. Life Member : The Life Members shall be those persons who pay the prescribed fee along with the application. The qualification for becoming a Life Members shall be five years continuous permanent membership of the club, and the approval of the Executive Committee. The Life Member need not to pay monthly subscription but games subscription has to be paid.

A permanent member of this club with a minimum of 10 years membership in continuation may also become life member of this club if concerned member pay one time club subscription at the prevailing rate for the balance period from 25 years membership. (AGM 16.12.2012)

ii            Permanent Members: Permanent members shall be those persons who pay the prescribed admission fee and the monthly subscription. Further following conditions have to be satisfied before approval of permanent membership :

  1. Applicant must be of minimum 21 years age.
  2. Applicant must be an Income Tax Payce.
  3. Applicant should have three lacs returned Income for last three consecutive years.
  4. For this a three members committee will be framed which includes a member from club’s executive committee and two senior members of the club. This committee will report to executive body within three months about the background of the concerned applicant and on the basis of this report the executive body of the club will take the decision about this.

Further new members will be on probation for the period of two years and his membership will be terminated if he found guilty of any type of misconduct or club is in receipt of any complaint


The club membership should not exceed 500 (400 permanent and life members + 100 temporary members). This number may be increased if more accommodation becomes available, by passing a resolution by the Cieneral Body.

The application for membership shall be given to the club office in prescribed form duly signed by two permanent members of the club,

All applications will be put before the Executive Committee for their acceptance or otherwise and the decision of the Executive Committee, which shall be final, will communicated to the applicants the honorary, Secretary. No reason will be given for the rejection of any application form.

In case of pending decision of the Executive Committee, all those who have applied for membership as laid down in Rule 3 may be permitted by the President or the Honorary, Secretary to use the club from the date of their applications after depositing Rs. 200/- and if accepted as members their membership shall commence from the date of application.


Price of membership application form, for any type of membership, will be Rs. 1000/- which will be not refundable. (AGM 16.12.2012)


(i)          His Highness the Maharaja of Bikaner will be the Patron of the club.

(ii)        The other immediate members of the Royal Family shall automatically become the members of the club on intimation the Honorary Secretary.

against him. In this case proposer of this member will have to face suitable action. (AGM 16.12.2012)

iii.          Temporary Members: Temporary members shall be those persons who do not expect to stay in Bikaner for a period of not more than three years or a person desirous.

The temporary membership from now onwards will be provided only for three years, after three years temporary membership a member has to either apply for permanent membership by depositing the prescribed prevailing fee. The permanent membership application has to be approved by the executive committee and the decision of executive committee will be final. In case of approval the member has to deposit the difference of the prevailing Permanent Membership and temporary membership fee. (AGM 12.12.2010)

  1. Institutional or Unit Members: Institutional or Unit members shall be those institutions or military units who apply for such membership and agrees to pay the prescribed admission fees. Such institutions shall be entitled to nominate such members of its 1″ class officers as prescribed for using the club facilities and who shall pay the prescribed monthly subscription. Such institutions shall be entitled for one vote in the election in the General Body Meeting and for the purpose it shall nominate only one person. They shall have to abide by the club rules. They will pay the subscription for games as ordinary members. The officer-in-charge of the institution or the army unit will be responsible to see that before leaving the station the officer concerned pays the club dues in full.
  2. Senior Members:

Any member who holds the club membership for 25 years without any discontinuity will be considered as senior member. Under this category the monthly club Subscription will not be charged from them. But, their membership could be discontinued in case of default in canteens, misbehavior with staff member, misuse of club Premises, or any other misconduct. Their names will be listed separately on Club Board. They will also be issued Special Club card. (AGM 29.7.2000)

  1. Wives of Members: Wives of the members will be free to make use of the club premises without any charges and sign on behalf of the members for drinks, snacks etc. They shall, however, be liable to pay the usual subscription for games.
  2. Children Members: Children of members can also avail the club facilities. They are allowed to play games except Billiards, on permission of Honorary Secretary they can avail the facility of Billiards. For this purpose separate arrangements, as far as possible, will be made by the club. The responsibility of damages will be of the members only. Children between 10 to 15 years will be allowed to play Tennis only when the courts are unoccupied by the adult players. Use of Skating Ring and the Swimming Pool will be permitted to children of any age on the responsibility of the parents. Minor children will be required to leave the club by 7:00 PM. However, the club will be open to all children on special occasion when they are invited.

vii.         Dependent Member : Any two dependent, i.e. any two male or female, family member of a permanent member who has completed continuous 15 year of his membership in the club can also become life member under above rule. (AGM 16.12.2012)


Temporary Members will have no right to vote. Institutional and unit members have single vote. Vies and dependents have no voting right.


i              A person shall cease to be members of the club if he submits his intention in writing to the Honorary Secretary, at least one whole calendar month in advance otherwise, he will be liable to pay his subscription for the month following his withdrawal.

  1. Members whose due bills exceed the amount of their security deposit, their membership is liable to be terminated. The following procedure shall be adopted for such termination:

(a)         The members whose bills are due shall be given notice in writing by the Honorary Secretary through registered post to pay the dues within a period of 10 days from the date of notice.

(b)        Even after the member fails to make the payment of all his dues within the given time, matter for termination of membership will be put before the Executive Committee for decision.

(c)         The decision for termination of membership should be effective after the Executive Committee passes it with 3/4″ majority.

(d)        Life members can also be terminated on the above mentioned circumstances.

(e)         The Honorary Secretary shall intimate about the decision of the Executive Committee to the member concerned.

iii.          The Member can be terminated in following circumstances:

(a)         Any members whose conduct is detrimental to the interest and reputation of the club.

(b)        On misbehavior with any other member of the club.

(c)         On misbehavior with any employee of the club.

(d)        On breach of any of the laws or rules and regulation of the club,

(e)         If any member or his guest found guilty of misbehavior or misconduct with any club’s executive than member concerned will be suspended immediately from the club for a period of one month. After one month the executive of the club will decide the case as per rules of the case. Further in the case of repetition of misconduct done by same member than he will be terminated for life time from the club. The executive body can take decision of termination of member for life time even in first instance of misconduct by member if matter is serious.

(f)          If any member found guilty of taking liquor with his guest in Bar room than such member will be suspended from club for one month by executive committee. (AGM 25.9.2005)

In such termination following procedure shall be adopted:

(I)         A warning letter shall be issued concerned by the Executive Committee through Honorary Secretary by Registered Post calling the members explanation.

(II)        On repetition of misconduct explanation shall be called, and second and final warning letter shall be issued to the concerned member by the Executive Committee through Honorary Secretary by Registered Post.

(III)      If the decision is taken by a majority of 3/4″ members of the Executive Committee for termination of membership of the member shall be terminated and the Honorary Secretary shall intimate the concerned member about the decision.

(h)        If any member’s club bill remains due for more than 5000/- rupees than be will be suspended from the club for six months and a register notice to this effect will be sent by the Secretary of the club to member concerned. During this six month the concerned member will not be allowed to enter into the club even as a guest of any member nor can he use any facilities of the club. After six months his membership will be terminated automatically and he will be served a registered notice to this effect by the Secretary of the club.4 ((AGM 16.12.2012)


(I)         The persons terminated in the above circumstances shall not be allowed to visit the club even as guests.

(II)        A member who has resigned from membership or has been terminated will forfeit all his rights to use the club facilities.

(III)      A member who has been terminated in above circumstances can appeal in General Body whose decision shall be final.

(IV)      A member who has been terminated by the General Body shall be barred from becoming a member of the club in future forever.

(V)        If any member have been served a notice from club for violation of club’s rule or he/she has been warned by the club for violation of rules of club than concerned member cannot contest for upcoming election. (AGM 16.12.2012)




Admission Fees

Total Monthly





(AGM 16.12.2012)




(AGM 1.11.2009)

Life Member:









(AGM 12.12.2010)

Adult Children

of members






Only any two dependent children of the permanent members who is holding his permanent membership for more than 15 years & life member could avail this facility. (AGM 16.12.2012)

Institutional Units

(1)        Upto 5 nominees                        5000                   500

(ii)        Between 5-10                                             10000                700

(iii)       Between 10-15                           15000                1000

 (b)       Above enhance admission fee will be applicable from 1.4.2012.

(c)         Temporary membership will be valid for 3 years only. If any Temporary Member Wish to become permanent member than he/she can do this with The payment of difference amount between both type of membership and Approval by executive body of club. (AGM 12.12.2010)

(d)        Absentee members: those members who could not continue club’s Membership because of nonpayment of club’s bill and now wish to become  member of club, they can do this by depositing all dues, up to date, + penalties imposed thereon till date + interest @ 12% P.A. and on submission of application by such member, the executive body may decide application on the merit of the case. AGM 13.6.2004 & 12.12.2010

(e)         The actual game facilities avalied by the member shall e chargd in addition to monthly subscripties. The charges of games shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee. Charges are as below : –

               Billiards table                                             150/- PM per member

               Tennis                                                            100/- PM per member (without Ball)

               Swimming                                     150/- PM per member (250/- with family)

               Cards                                                50/- PM per member

               Gym (Club)                                    50/- PM per member

               Table Tennis                                50/- PM per member

               Squash                                             75/- PM per member

10(a).            MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB

The management of the club shall vest in the Executive Committee, which is electedby the members of the club after every two year.

10(b)   The Executive Committee consists of :

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Joint Secretary
  5. Seven Members
  6. Immediate out-going President
  7. Immediate out-going Secretary
  8. Treasurer

(c)         The President, Honorary Secretary and other members of the Executive Committee will be elected for two years, by the members of the club at a general meeting called for the purpose.

(d)        The immediate out-going President and Secretary will be included in the Executive Committee.

(e)         The Honorary Secretary shall be exempted from payment of monthly subscription as well as games subscription.

(f)          Honorary Secretary proposed, that from the existing club executives other than the President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Joint Secretary and treasurer will be nominated to look after the under mentioned Portfolios i.e. with various work designated to certain post. The said Executive member will be available for other members to discuss and register their complaints as well as can give suggestion. The concerned Executive member will be held responsible for the portfolio assigned to him. The Portfolios allocated are as follows:

1)          Executive for Development & Planning ( for development in Club Premises)

2)          Executive for Expenditure (for check of expense in various heads)

3)          Executive for Indoor activities (for club canteen, Cleanliness, inventory etc)

4)          Executive for Outdoor activities ( for representation in govt. offices &other clubs etc)

5)          Executive for Sports activities (for sport representation in club &tournament arrangement)

6)          Executive for general administration (Club’s law and order among member & staff as well as salary of staff, Library etc)

7)          Executive for Recreation & Cultural Programmes in club (for organizing various recreational activities and functions of club etc.) (AGM 29.7.2000)


The Executive Committee shall have powers:

  1. To frame bye-laws and to amend them from time to time.
  2. To incur all expenditure sanction by the general body and also to incur unforeseen additional expenditure at its discretion provided funds are available.
  3. To fix scales of pay and the establishment of the club.
  4. To admit new members.
  5. To suspend or expel a member.
  6. To deal with other matters of general interest placed before the committee by the Honorary Secretary.
  7. To place before the general body the budget and the accounts of the club for being passed.
  8. To engage servants for the club.
  9. To dismiss the servants of the club.
  11. The Committee shall meet on 1″ of every month.
  12. The Honorary Secretary shall give a notice along with Agenda to each member of the Executive Committee. The notice should be served at least two days before the meeting.
  13. In case of extra ordinary executive meeting on day’s notice will be sufficient.
  14. The quorum of any meeting shall be formed by personal presence of sie members, including President and Secretary.
  15. The decision on any issue will be by a simple majority of votes. The President shall have casting vote in addition in case of equality of votes.
  16. The Honorary Secretary shall put up the accounts of the club before the Committee every month.
  17. No object shall be discussed at a meeting unless it has been included in the agenda that has been circulated. The Chairman may, however, at his discretion, permit a subject to be discussed.
  18. At extra ordinary meetings of the committee no other subjects can be discussed except those for which meeting is convened.
  19. The minutes of each meeting shall be recorded by the Honorary Secretary and placed before the next meeting of the committee for its approval.
  20. The present or Secretary can call the executive meeting.
  21. If three members furnish in writing a desire to call a meeting of the Executive Committee, Honorary Secretary will then call a meeting of the Executive Committee.
  22. If any executive member fails to attend three meetings of executive committee continuously in spite of staying in city, he shall be automatically removed from the Executive Committee.
  23. The vacancy caused in executive committee either by resignation or any other reasons shall be filled in by the Executive Committee by co-option amongst members of the club. The managing committee shall act notwithstanding any vacancy in the committee.

 The Honorary Secretary will be in full charge of the day to day management of the club and shall be responsible for :-

(i)          The upkeep of the property of the club.

(ii)        Collection of outstanding from members.

(iii)       The accounts and funds of the club.

(iv)       Causing the accounts of the club audited in time for submission to the Committee and the general body.

(v)         Preparation and submission of bills to members for payment.

(vi)       The Honorary Secretary shall have powers.

 (vii)     To engage servants of the club.

(viii)    To dismiss servants of the club. (Such servants shall have right to appeal to the Executive Committee.)

(ix)       To incur any expenditure included in the budget and sanctioned by the general body of members.

(x)         The Honorary Secretary could incur any expenditure in the nature of capital expenditure up to Rs. 1,00,000/-. But the amount exceeding Rs. 1, 00,000/ have to be sanctioned by the Executive Committee. (AGM 16.12.2012)

(xi)       The Honorary Secretary shall be exempted from payment of monthly subscription as well as games subscription.

(xii) The Honorary Secretary can call executive meeting or extra ordinary meeting or General body meeting if necessary.

(xiii)    In absence of Honorary Secretary, Joint Secretary shall take charge as Club Secretary.

  2. Presides the club executive committee and general body meeting.
  3. Checks whether the club follows the constitution and its bye-laws.
  4. Can summon extra ordinary executive committee and extra ordinary general meeting, if needed for benefit of club.
  5. Cast vote, in case of equality of vote while taking any decision in executive committee.
  6. Have signature in bank A/e along with Secretary and Treasurer.
  7. In absence of President, Vice President and in absence of both any member of executive committee shall preside in the meetings.
  8. The minutes of each meeting recorded by Honorary Secretary shall he signed by President.

a             Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping complete and proper accounts. He shall deposit all the money received, in the bank. He shall be responsible for audit for the accounts.

  1. Accounts of the bank shall operate as joint account with the signatures of President, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer. No money shall be withdrawn until and unless cheque bears the signature of either of two.
  2. Treasurer shall put up the account of the club before the Executive Committee every month of approval.
  3. Treasurer shall put up yearly budget before the General body for approval.
  4. To incur all expenditure sanction by the general body.
  5. The executive members other than past bearers shall help in taking decision and other club matters.

(i)          The club shall hold bi-annual general meetings on 31 March and 31 October every year. President can postpone the date of general meeting.

(ii)        The 20 percent of total membership shall form quorum for a general meeting. (Temporary members and dependents and wives shall not be counted for decision.)

(iii)       At least 10 days notice of this meeting shall be given to members by a notice pasted within the club’s premises and by the circulation of a notice in such manger as the executive committee may decide.

(iv)       With this notice the agenda for the meeting shall also he circulated. The agenda will include:

  1. Adoption of the executive committee’s report on the working of the club.
  2. The passing of the audited account for the year.
  3. Any subject which executive committee may propose for discussion.
  4. Election of the President, Honorary Secretary and members of the Executive Committee, if it is a election year.
  5. The meeting may also discuss any other subject of which not less than 14 days notice may been given by any member.
  6. The President and in his absence vice president and in absence of both any f.member of executive committee shall preside the meeting of General Body.
  8. A special meeting shall be convened by the President on a requisition being received by him not less than 20% of the members entitled to vote, stating clearly the subject for discussion and reason necessitating calling of a general meeting.
  9. The date and time of such meeting shall be determined by executive committee.
  10. No subject other than that for which the meeting has been covered shall be discussed at such general meeting.
  11. Such meeting shall be conducted in majority.

The quorum for a general meeting shall be 20% of the number of members eligible to vote. If within 15 minutes of the time fixed for meeting there is no quorum:

(i)          In case of the general meeting it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week at the same time. The Honorary Secretary shall issue a circular to the members to this effect. At this adjourned meeting, business will be transacted irrespective of whether or no there is a quorum. In any other case the Chairman shall dissolve the meeting.


The Honorary Secretary will record the minutes of general meetings and no action shall be taken thereon till such time minutes have been signed by the Honorary Secretary and the Chairman of the meeting. These minutes shall be subject to confirmation at the next meeting of the executive meeting. j.


The election of President, Honorary Secretary and other members of the executive committee shall be done after every two years.

The following procedure shall be followed for the election of executive committee.

  1. Election will be held between 15th December to 31″ December and charge to new team will hand over on 1 January.
  2. Any eligible member can file his nomination for any one post according to his/her eligibly.
  3. Any member can be prosper or secondary for only one candidate. (AGM) 16.12.2012)
  4. Nomination paper duly signed by the candidate, proposed and seconded by two permanent members (eligible to vote) of the club, shall be filled and submitted in the office.
  5. The nomination paper shall be scrutinized by Election Committee. The ruling of this committee, regarding acceptance and rejection of nomination papers, shall be final and binding of the candidates.
  6. Names of candidates whose forms are found in order shall be put on the Notice Board of the club, 7 days before the date of election.

iii.          Last date for withdrawal of form will be 4 days before the date of election.

  1. The list of eligible voters will be available in the office of the club.
  2. The voting shall be by a ‘secret ballot’ and decisions of President shall be final.
  3. The process of voting, counting and declaration of results shall be completed on the day of election.

vii.         President will appoint two election officers, to help the club executive committee for conducting election fairly.

viii.       Election will be supervised by the election officers; of course the executives will help them duly.

  1. Only those members are eligible to cast their vote or contest for election if their all dues are clear before the date given by the election offices of the election year. (AGM 16.12.2012 & 7.11.2004)
  2. Timing of election will be as under

9.30 am-12.30 pm                                                Voting

12.30 pm-1.30 pm                                                Lunch

1.30 pm onwards counting of votes and declaration of results.

 (AGM 13.6.2004)

  2. Only permanent members can fill nomination form.
  3. The seniority required for various posts are as:

President                                       5 years membership

Vice President                             5 years

Honorary Secretary                  3 years

Joint Secretary                            3 years

Other Executives                       2 years

Treasurer                                       2 years

  1. Candidate should have all the dues clear.
  2. The club has no serious complaint against the candidate.
  3. Any member can become executive of club only for two consecutive terms. After which he will have to take a break of on term. But this restriction will Not Be Applicable Upon Shri Devi Singh Ji Bhati. (AGM 25.9.2005 Point 11 & AGM 1.11.2009 point 14)
  4. Above all the election committee’s decision will be final.

L            GENERAL

  1. The club member should follow the constitution and every member should have at copy of constitution. One can get if form office on payment.
  2. Every member shall have identify card with photo details, one can get it form office after submitting his two photographs. The card must be signed by President and Honorary Secretary.
  3. Payment of bill must be regular and it will be responsibility of member to get his dues cleared well in time. Otherwise club will not be liable for termination due t to non-payment.
  4. Defaulters and terminated persons shall not be entertained as guests.
  5. No private servants will be allowed to attend any member of the club except on special occasion.
  6. Member can avail free facility of club for lunch and dinner. But guests will be

charged as –

1-5 persons                                   Rs. 50/-

6-10 persons                                Rs. 100/-

11-15 persons                             Rs. 150/-

Above this it will be on Secretary’s discretion. The facilities provided will be: Crockery, furniture and service only.

  1. Club timing should be strictly followed and on special occasion permission of Honorary Secretary is needed.
  2. Non smoking zone will be Bar room, card room and billiard room and if anymember violate this norm it will be treated as misconduct and management will take action according to low of the club. (AGM 1.11.2009)
  3. Experts will be employed to enhance the games environment in the club and cost of experts will be bear by particular faculty members for witch experts have been employed. Club will not bear such financial costs. (AGM 3.8.2008)
  4. Members are not supposed to take liquor in the club which is not purchased from the club. If this is found than such member will be fine for Rs. 500/- for per instance subject to maximum of three instances. After three instances the club executive body will take suitable action. (AGM 13.6.2004)
  5. This constitution has to be followed from as amended date onwards.
  6. Both biannual and annual general body meetings are equally authorized for any decisions.
  7. On club day 24th November the club will host dinner for the members only.

On 26 January and 15th August of each year club will organize a lunch (AGM 16.12.2012)

For members and their families on contributory basis i.e. total expenses incurred for the event will be equally distributed amongst all members of the club.

  1. Club will send bills to members through email or sms. (AGM 16.12.2012) The club executive committee as a whole will act as trustee for the lands and buildings in their possession. The club is registered as a Society, under the Bikaner Societies Act (Act 1, 1930 S.No. 702/681 dated 11.05.49)



(Shri Taj Arora )


Sadul Club, Bikaner.



(Shri Hanuman Singh Rathore )

Honorary Secretary,

Sadul Club Bikaner.